Daily routine



My Daily Routine


It seems my life is always very full of activities and obligations so I never have much time for myself. During the week it's the worst. I usually have to get up at half past six even though I would really prefer to sleep much later. After I get up I perform my morning routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth, and then deciding what to wear. After I get dressed I brush my hair. I usually don’t have time for breakfast in the morning because I have to catch a bus at seven o'clock for my commute to school. The bus is usually completely packed and it really makes me envy my schoolmates who don't have to ride the bus to school. Classes at school start at a quarter to eight except on Tuesdays when they start at seven. Each class has its own timetable so my schedule varies by class. Classes are forty-five minutes long with ten minute breaks, except for one "long" break between the third and the fourth classes, which is twenty minutes long.

My classes take place either in our classroom or in various labs or a gym. After our classes the students usually go for lunch to the canteen. Some students in their third and forth year have afternoon classes, seminars, optional after-school activities or driving lessons.

After school I sometimes go shopping or just walk around the town for a while. When I get home I like to relax for some time, I listen to the radio, watch television, and maybe get a little snack. Then I start my homework or help with some housework. Before I know it, the afternoon is gone and it is evening.

In my family, we usually eat dinner at about seven o'clock. At dinner we discuss what happened during the day and catch up with each others' lives. After I help clean up the dinner dishes I either take a shower or have a bath myself. Then I have some time to watch the TV news. Sometimes I watch an interesting film or music program on TV or a video. Sometimes I like to go downtown to see a movie or to go to a concert with my friends. About every other day a I have a date with my boyfriend. Sometimes he comes to watch TV at my home or we might go out for a walk. I usually manage to go to bed around eleven PM.

So this is my daily routine during the week. On the weekend ("at the weekend" v britské angličtině) it is a different story, I like to sleep late and do whatever I wish with my free time. I am still expected to help my parents out around the house but I still have most of the time for myself and my interests. I can go for a trip with my friends, I can visit my relatives or I can devote more time to my hobbies. I think everyone will agree that weekends are much better than weekdays.


Taken from: http://www.maturita.cz/anglictina/dailyroutine.htm




1/Add to the introduction part the time every action was developed, if it does not say the exact hour, you can invent one.


2/create your own “Daily Routine”


3/Imaging you are a journalist asked to write about famous people daily routine.So you need to make your own research about any famous person you like,  then you will check, share and discuss your findings with your “collegues journalists”




1/ You will add the time to each of the activities done by our charácter -the ones in different color-in the introduction part, taking into account the previous events and the following.


2/Using the same introduction part as a model create your own Daily routine, include images, and time.


2/ you will watch a Bon Jovi video “Its my life”; then, you will pick up the daily routine of the video character in order to organize some of the following activities this carácter performs during his day:




*He participates of a marathon

*He throws the trash

*He finds the concert place

*He kisses a lady

*He jumps from a bridge

*He runs, followed by dogs


As son as you finish, you will send your answers by mail to the teacher.














Each grade is going to Take into account the arranged dued date , plus the coherent organization each paragraph had to have,  the correct use of some typical  verbs involved in the activities developed during a Daily routine and the spelling.

Cuadro de texto: DAILY ROUTINE

Dued Date






June, 15th

1 Adding time






2 Creating a daily routine





July, 1st

3 Organizing sentences in the way those ocurred